Cakes With Fat (butter)Temp °FTemp °CTime
Cupcakes350 - 375 °F177 - 190 °C15 - 25 minutes
Layer Cake350 - 375 °F177 - 190 °C20 - 35 minutes
Loaf Cake350 °F177 °C45 - 60 minutes
Cakes Without Fat
Angel Food & Sponge Cake350 °F177 °C50 - 60 minutes

Make sure you follow the directions in the recipe and set the temperature to bake a cake accordingly.

Here is how to tell if your cake is done, just follow these simple steps.

The time to check to see if your cake is done is at the minimum baking time. Then check every 1-minute afterwards until the cake is done.

Cakes with butter cakes are done when:

  • A toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean, without any wet batter or crumbs sticking to it.
  • The top is rounded, smooth and springs back when lightly touched in the center.

Angel Food and Sponge cakes are done when:

  • The top springs back when touched.
  • The cracks on top look and feel dry.

If you want to be scientific about it, use an instant-read thermometer. Your cake is done when the temperature in the middle is about 210°F.

Note: If a cake is not yet done baking, it will pull away from the sides or fall out of the pan when it’s turned upside down.

When does a cake need to bake longer?

  • When you’ve substituted wet ingredients for dry ingredients, like fresh berries or honey.
  • When you’ve doubled or tripled the ingredients, bake longer at a lower temperature.