The Klein family feels that simply because their Christian faith precludes them supporting homosexual “marriage,” it doesn’t mean they don’t still love individuals who choose to live that lifestyle.

“We really do love you.”  So the Klein’s designed special cakes to communicate this message of love and spent several days with their five children baking them for an initial group of 10 West Coast pro-homosexual groups.

“They might just throw it in the garbage,” Melissa Klein said. “They can do that, it’s OK. My hope is that they will see the feeling behind it, and just maybe understand.”

The Klein family is hoping to spread the message that Christian bakers don’t hate them.  The idea that disagreeing with someone is equivalent to hate is just not true.

Meanwhile, here is a summary of what has happened to the Klein family:

  • Fined $135,000 by State of Oregon judge for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex “wedding”.
  • Forced to close their business, Sweet Cakes.
  • Company van broken into and vandalized, “bigot” written inside.
  • pressured by LGBT groups to shut down Klein family’s legal defense fund page.
  • raises $300,000. for their legal defense
  • The Klein family is appealing the Oregon State fine as a violation of their freedom of religion since homosexual “marriage” conflicts with their Christian beliefs.


“We really do love you.”

Source: Oregon Christian bakers fined $135k respond by sending home-baked cakes to LGBT activists | News | LifeSite