Cakes by Wayne Thiebaud

An homage to Wayne Thiebaud, an important American artist Born: November 15, 1920Died: December 25, 2021 Wayne Thiebaud Cake Painting Artist Wayne Thiebaug’s pop art paintings ushered Americans into a different decade. For those with a sweet tooth, Wayne...
Cake Me Beautiful

Cake Me Beautiful

Let’s explore the idea of ‘cake me beautiful’—the phenomenon of a cake being a substitute for beauty. We will explore the meanings behind cakes and explore how they have become a symbol for what women, and yes, men, are judged on, even when the cake is not...

Toberlone Cake

Almond cake with Toblerone. Almondy almond cake topped with chunks of Toblerone combines our irresistible almond base with rich chocolate cream and smooth milk chocolate. On top you’ll find a generous layer of Toblerone pieces all covered with smooth milk... is a Live Work-in-Progress, and is still baking... be patient. Comments? Ideas? :)

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